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Joseph Sanderson

Name: Joseph Sanderson

Age: 21

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Professional Occupation: Full Time Student at Texas Christian University

Number of Years Kayak Fishing: 4

Home Lake: Lake Austin



Top Finishes:

2013 CCKF Lake Bastrop- 1st

2013 CCKF Fayette County- 3rd

2013 CCKF Santa Claus Classic- 1st

2014 APT Shootout- 2nd

2014 CCKF Purtis Creek- 1st

2015 KATS Lake Bastrop- 3rd

2015 KATS Decker- 1st

2015 KATS Lake Wood- 3rd

2015 River Bassin’ Austin- 1st

2015 KATS Fayette County- Big Bass

2015 Fall Backwoods Trinity River- 1st

2015 KATS AOY- 5th

2015 FLW College on Red River- 4th



Favorite Technique: Punching (but really whatever catches the fish)

Favorite Lure: Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Jr.

Kayak of Choice: Diablo Paddlesports Amigo

Paddle of Choice: Werner Paddles Camano

Sponsors: Diablo Paddlesports/Xcite Bait/Backwoods

Favorite Food: Smoked Wild Pig, with a side of Kraft Mac and Cheese (the shell noodles)

Nicknames: Joe Mac, or Stringa Joe

When not Fishing: Hunting, exploring outdoors, and hanging out with friends

Titles Won: 2015 King of the Fish


Biggest Stringer in KATS History- 110”

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